Fico: Smer to Apply Restrictive Measures to People Who Refuse to Work

Prime Minister Robert Fico (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, December 16 (TASR) – Only unemployed people who are honestly looking for a job and those for whom employment is hindered by serious obstacles will be at the positive centre of Smer-SD’s attention, TASR was told by the Government Office press department on Friday.

The Government Office was responding to a briefing held earlier in the day by Roma Union chairman Frantisek Tanko, who expressed his concerns about Fico’s condemnation of the Roma.

“A restrictive and punitive attitude from Smer-SD will be applied to people who reject job offers, abuse the welfare system and who by their way of life disturb peaceful living in towns and villages. The prime minister stands behind this statement and doesn’t intend to change his attitude towards this matter,” said the Government Office.

Earlier in the day Tanko stated that the Roma community in Slovakia is horrified about the fact that Fico with his public statements on the Roma has given neo-Nazis, fascists and skinheads a free hand to defame the Roma people.

Fico said at his party’s working congress in Presov on Saturday (December 10) that it’s necessary to bring order to Roma settlements. “The next generation that doesn’t want to work is growing up. Some restrictive measures are needed,” he said, adding that pure abuse of the social system won’t be tolerated.