Most-Hid Sends Gal, Solymos and Ersek to Pellegrini’s Government

Most-Hid chair Bela Bugar (Photo by TASR)
Bratislava, March 19 (TASR) – Gabor Gal (Most-Hid), who has been leading the party’s caucus in Parliament, will become justice minister, TASR learnt on Monday.

Meanwhile, Laszlo Solymos (Most-Hid) will continue to lead the Environment Ministry and he’ll also become vice-premier, and Arpad Ersek will continue as the head of the Transport Ministry. These nominations were confirmed by Most-Hid’s Presidium, announced party chair Bela Bugar after meeting with Prime Minister-to-be Peter Pellegrini (Smer-SD). Pellegrini has accepted the nominations.
“We propose MP Gabor Gal for the post of justice minister. We also stated that we want a change, namely that Laszlo Solymos as Environment Minister would be vice-premier,” Bugar told a press conference.
“I can’t see any problems with the names. I have my own experience in the Government with both ministers, who will remain in their positions. I’ve also known MP Gal for years from Parliament. He’s a man who is able to hold the post of justice minister with dignity,” said Pellegrini, adding that he also respects the fact that instead of the justice minister, it’ll be the environment minister that will become vice premier.
Bugar and Pellegrini also spoke about the new government’s expectations. “We expect the new [interior] minister to provide the fastest continuation and completion of the process whereby the election of the Police Corps president is made in the way we’ve agreed. The police inspection will also contain changes,” added Bugar. Pellegrini supports expediting the completion of this legislation.
Pellegrini believes that if the new government gets a chance and stands in front of Parliament, it’ll gain the Parliament’s confidence. SNS and Most-Hid are declaring their votes. “Smer-SD will also be united, so if we get a chance and are able to stand in front of Parliament, the future government will be given the confidence,” he added.