SNS Calls on Most-Hid to Replace Defence Ministry State Secretary Ondrejcsak

SNS vice-chair Anton Hrnko (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, May 12 (TASR) – The governing Slovak National Party (SNS) is calling on Defence Ministry’s State Secretary Robert Ondrejcsak (Most-Hid) to disclose all his incomes, including indirect ones for lectures and publishing activities from arms lobbyists, said SNS vice-chair and parliamentary defence and security committee head Anton Hrnko on Saturday.

At the same time, Hrnko called on Most-Hid to replace the state secretary.
Hrnko claims that SNS had to face “a cannonade of accusations” over the past couple of months, casting doubts not only on the party’s nominees, but also on its sincere efforts to address the problems that have accumulated in Slovakia under its previous governments. “Somebody minds again the SNS is growing, however, we got used to it. If we hear it from the Opposition, we definitely don’t like it, but we understand it, as the Opposition’s goal is to destroy a good job done by the governing coalition, since it is unable to offer anything else. However, if some coalition members and nominees are doing so, the question arises here whether they are interested in continuation of a joint government at all and whether they do not prefer their own ego at the expense of the coalition,” said Hrnko.
Hrnko said he respected it when some coalition MPs voted in other than a matter-of-fact and agreed-upon way during the vote on  MP Petra Kristufkova’s (We Are Family) recalling from the parliamentary committee for supervising Military Intelligence. “However, it’s unbearable if the transport ministry state secretary for Most-Hid attacks SNS from unacceptable positions. A friend of lobbyists sponsored by Saab has no right to attack SNS,” stated Hrnko.
In a reaction, Most-Hid leader Bela Bugar has told TASR that the given interview provided by Ondrejcsak to SME daily actually sounds as if the state secretary was attacking his coalition partner. “If Mr. Ondrejcsak has a problem, he should solve it with his superior, i.e. with the defence minister and not with SNS. How would, for example, our transport minister feel if he was attacked by a state secretary for SNS like this?” asked Bugar.
Bugar is ready to discuss the issue with Ondrejcsak and open it also at the next meeting of the party presidium. “The presidium must make its decision based on what we’ve read in the interview and not based on what Mr. Hrnko has said,” stated Bugar. In the interview, Ondrejcsak expressed his expectation that SNS will act in more professional and fairer manner at the Defence Ministry.