Analysis Shows Iron Level in Slana River Admissible for Surface Waters

Analysis Shows Iron Level in Slana River Admissible for Surface Waters

Bratislava, August 3 (TASR) – Results of the last analysis of the water in the polluted Slana River confirmed that the level of iron in it has decreased by 96 percent, TASR has learnt from the Economy Ministry’s press department.

The analysis also showed drop in the content of total dissolved substances by 95 percent and a 90-95 percent decrease in the content of other heavy metals. Iron content in the Slana River thus achieved levels that are permissible for surface waters.

State-run Rudne Bane (iron ore mine) company has prepared a proposal for additional measures to reduce the remaining amount of highly mineralised waters flowing out of the mine, and submitted it to the state water administration authorities for assessment in mid-June. “We are waiting for permits to be issued by the district office’s environment department so that we can implement our proposal,” said Rudne Bane director Peter Zitnan.

The ministry noted that the elimination of strongly mineralised waters from the mine is not the final solution. After solving the situation in the mine, it will be necessary to address the situation in the Slana River itself and build a technological device for purifying highly-mineralised waters.

“We perceive the situation in the Slana River and the need to restore life in it. After implementing our measures and stopping the flow of highly-mineralised waters from the Nizna Slana mine, it will be necessary to focus on the river itself,” said Economy Ministry State Secretary Karol Galek, adding that the proposal for further solutions is in the hands of environmental experts.

The Slana River has been discoloured with a reddish hue since mid-February due to underground water leaking from an iron ore mine located on the site of former mining company Siderit. Preliminary analysis of the water detected a sharp increase in iron, manganese and sulphates and the presence of arsenic.

The Government has declared a state of emergency in Roznava, Revuca and Rimavska Sobota districts regarding the Slana River.