Cabinet Approves Creation of 1,418 Jobs in Svidnik District

Cabinet Approves Creation of 1,418 Jobs in Svidnik District

Svidnik, August 31 (TASR) – The Cabinet at its away-session in Svidnik (Presov region) on Wednesday approved an action plan for development of Svidnik district.

There should be 1,418 new jobs created by 2020. From the total financial investment of at least €63 million, the action plan envisages €46 million being covered from public resources and €17 million from private resources. The action plan sees the district being granted €3.06 million as well.

The main goal of the action plan is to decrease the unemployment rate, which hovered at 17.5 percent in the district in June.

Prime Minister Robert Fico (Smer-SD) at a press conference after the approval of the action plan noted that mayors of towns and villages in the district as well as entrepreneurs and representatives of the third sector all took part in drafting of this plan.

“It’s a tailor-made plan for Svidnik district. It’s not a waste of money, it’s not empty promises, because we’re genuinely deciding about financial resources to cover projects that people of this district consider to be important for them,” said Fico, adding that many young people from this area look for jobs abroad or become long-term unemployed.

The local contribution will be channelled into various areas, such as education, jobs, flexibility, career, modern and accessible public services, business and the support of systemic measures.

A total of €150,000 will be channelled into the support of business and the creation of a business incubator in the town of Giraltovce, similar to that announced in Vranov nad Toplou on Tuesday (August 30). With respect to tourism, the state will contribute a total of €335,000 to the reconstruction of Bosak School in the village of Okruhle, of the sport and relaxation centre in the village of Lucka, of the Ladomirka recreational facility in Svidnik and of a swimming pool in Giraltovce.

Furthermore, the Government approved a subsidy of €650,000 for the production of interlocking pavement stones and a factory for environmental technologies in Giraltovce, for wood products in Kruzlova, for the production of prefabricated units in Rovne, for forest operations in Roztoky and Svidnik and for the textiles cleaning and washing plant in Vysne Jedlove.

“We’re also talking about training centres at social enterprises for socialisation of marginalised Roma communities in cooperation with the vocational school in Giraltovce and the Training Centre in Svidnik. We’d also like to support regional products,” said Fico. As he explained, a farm-based centre should be set up in Svidnik and Giraltovce with the financial support of €200,000.

Government Proxy for Support of Least Developed Districts Anton Marcincin added that new jobs will be created in various areas, such as industry and services (930 jobs), tourism (170 jobs), as well as in the automobile industry, leather industry and also with respect to seasonal jobs. “If we succeed in fulfilling at least a substantial part of these measures, we would be content,” said Marcincin.