Caputova and Pavel Present Highest State Awards to Each Other

Caputova and Pavel Present Highest State Awards to Each Other
Czech President Petr Pavel, right, receives the highest Slovak state decoration, the Order of the Double White Cross, from her Slovak counterpart Zuzana Caputova at a ceremony at Prague Castle on June 13, 2024 (photo by TASR)

        Prague, June 13 (TASR-correspondent) - President Zuzana Caputova in Prague on Thursday received the highest Czech decoration from her counterpart Petr Pavel, namely the Order of the White Lion, for her particularly outstanding services for the benefit of the Czech Republic.
        Meanwhile, Caputova herself bestowed the highest Slovak decoration - the Order of the Double White Cross - upon Pavel for his outstanding contribution to the all-round development of relations between the Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
        According to the Czech president, Caputova during her term of office contributed towards strengthening relations between the Czech Republic and Slovakia and, as part of their development, actively contributed towards bolstering the values of democracy, freedom and human rights in both countries and in the wider European area.
        In Pavel's opinion, Caputova possesses all the characteristics that the president of a democratic country should have. "They are humaneness, helpfulness, kindness, an effort to understand people and listen to them, and also great responsibility for the role you've carried out," he told Caputova, adding that she's been a role model for other statesmen.
        The decoration for Pavel symbolises the closeness of relations between the two countries, said the Slovak president. "I'm honoured to award it to you because I have great respect and esteem for the way you carry out your work," she told Pavel, praising his bravery, commitment to principles, steadfastness and consistency. In her opinion, Pavel has the ability to look beyond the horizon and to emphasise a long-term strategic vision for security and prosperity. Today's times, she said, demand the type of leadership that Pavel represents.
        Caputova is currently in the Czech Republic on her last official foreign visit as president.