CoFoE: Final Session of Third Panel to Take Place This Weekend

CoFoE: Final Session of Third Panel to Take Place This Weekend

Brussels, February 7 (TASR) – The European Commission noted on Monday that the final session of the third citizens’ panel of the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) is set to take place on February 11-13 in Maastricht.

At the session, around 200 citizens from all EU-member countries will finalise their recommendations concerning the future of Europe. The recommendations will be related to the EU’s position in the world and migration.

It’s expected that the narrowed set of recommendations to be reached by the panel members will cover in particular the EU’s objectives and strategies in the areas of security, defence, foreign and trade policy, humanitarian aid and development cooperation, as well as the further enlargement of the Union and the issue of migration.

The final recommendations of the third CoFoE citizens’ panel will be presented and discussed at the next conference plenary meeting, which has been slated for March 11 and 12.

The opening and closing sessions of the third citizens’ panel in Maastricht will be broadcast live on the conference’s multilingual digital platform.

A total of four citizens’ panels have been set up in the CoFoE framework. Of these, 80 representatives attend CoFoE plenary sessions to present final results and recommendations of their panel discussions to MEPs, national MPs and representatives of EU institutions.

In addition to taking part in the citizens’ panels, all EU citizens can share their ideas regarding the EU’s future at