Council of Health Experts Proposes to Extend Lockdown until December 16

Council of Health Experts Proposes to Extend Lockdown until December 16

Bratislava, December 5 (TASR) – The council of health experts has proposed to extend the lockdown until December 16 and recommended increasing the use of home office work and the intensity of checking the curfew, spokeswoman for the Health Ministry Zuzana Eliasova said, adding that the experts have also proposed a new measure, which is the introduction of the OTP mode (vaccinated, tested negative or recovered from COVID-19) on trains and long-distance bus routes.

According to the experts, reducing mobility is the most effective short-term tool to slow the spread of COVID-19.

The Health Ministry stated that the epidemic situation in Slovakia, ten days after the introduction of the lockdown, has not visibly improved. “The average daily increments remain above 10,000 positive tests, the number of COVID-19 patients in hospitals oscillates around 3,400 and the number of deaths increased by 38 percent compared to last week,” said Eliasova.

The spokeswoman pointed out that a reduction in new cases was a condition for easing the measures for the vaccinated and those who have recovered from the disease. Hospitals admit 375 COVID-19 patients daily, which is 25 patients more than the daily average a week ago, noted the spokeswoman.

According to the Health Ministry, the good news is the increase in interest in first dose of COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccination rate of the adult population with at least first dose of vaccine now stands at 58 percent.

Last week, the Government imposed a lockdown in the country due to the bad pandemic situation and the high number of people admitted to hospitals with COVID-19. The Cabinet announced that the measures would be re-evaluated after ten days.