Court Issues Injunction against Activists Slamming Coop Jednota over Cage Eggs

Court Issues Injunction against Activists Slamming Coop Jednota over Cage Eggs

Bratislava, October 31 (TASR) – A court has issued an injunction obliging a civic association called Human Progress to refrain from a campaign against Slovak retail chain Coop Jednota aimed at getting the latter to commit to cease selling cage eggs, TASR has learnt.

Meanwhile, the activists called the injunction an assault on the freedom of speech and the right of consumers to information. Martin Smrek, a co-ordinator of the campaign, said that the injunction forbids them from spreading any negative information linked to Coop Jednota’s sale of cage eggs.

In response to the court’s decision, the activists announced the launch of a new campaign and sent an open letter to Coop Jednota, demanding that it refrains from its attempts to silence criticism and instead faces properly the issue of “animal protection”.

According to Coop Jednota PR manager Zuzana Peiger Acjakova, the retail chain has been for several months “under pressure of activists calling on consumers to boycott shopping in its outlets”.

“This has been down to the fact that the chain, as the largest supporter of Slovak [food] production, has considered it inappropriate to release a commitment on ceasing the sale of cage eggs in line with the activists’ demands. Nevertheless, the Bratislava V District Court has agreed in its ruling with the traditional retail chain. If the activists don’t respect the court decision, they’ll be committing a crime,” said Peiger Acjakova.

She added that Coop Jednota has several times explained to the activists that it supports gradual improvement of living conditions for hens, but it can’t simply put a stop to the sale of cage eggs as they’re demanding.