Average Monthly Unemployment Benefit in Slovakia at €344.49 in 2015

Socialna Poistovna head office logo (source: etrend.sk)

Bratislava, February 26 (TASR) – Social insurer Socialna poistovna (SP) paid a total of €158.6 million in 2015 to its insurees who complied with the terms for obtaining unemployment benefit, SP spokesman Peter Visvader informed TASR on Friday.

The average monthly sum per unemployed person was €344.49, more than a €12 increase year-on-year,

The total number of individual unemployment benefit payments in 2015 was 465,205, while in 2014 it was 473,381. The average number of people receiving the benefit per month was 34,580, a 2.5 percent increase y-o-y, as the figure was 35,480 in 2014.

Regarding SP branches, the highest average monthly unemployment benefit payment was at a Bratislava branch – €488.89. The lowest average was at a branch in Bardejov (Presov region) – €308.55.