Average Slovak Spent €864 on Food and Non-alcoholic Drinks in 2017

(stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, November 8 (TASR) – The average Slovak spent €864 on food and non-alcoholic beverages last year, with €784 used to buy food and the remaining €80 on non-alcoholic beverages, TASR learnt from Slovak Farming Collective (SFD) analyst Eva Sadovska on Thursday, who referred to data from the Statistics Office.

Sadovska added that purchases of food on average made up more than a fifth of the total consumer expenditures of Slovaks last year.

Regarding types of food, Slovaks spent the highest amount of money on meat (€212), followed by milk, cheese and eggs (€146) and bread and cereals (€141). “Last year we spent around the same amount of money on sweets as we did on fruit – around €60 per capita,” said Sadovska.

The analyst pointed out that the shopping preferences of Slovaks also vary depending on the household in which they live. Households that include some unemployed members spent €525 on food per capita on average, while households with only employed members spent €826 per capita. “The data on retired people were rather surprising, as the figure amounted to €1,055 per year per capita for this group,” she said.

In terms of individual regions, the highest amount of money spent on food last year was recorded in Trencin region (€963 per person), followed by Trnava (€925) and Zilina regions (€902). “It may be rather surprising that only after that came the inhabitants of Bratislava with a sum of €890 per person,” said the analyst, adding that people in Presov region spent the least amount of money on food (€723 per person).