Brecely: I Want to Connect Bratislava and Kosice by 2020

Transport, Construction and Regional Development Minister Roman Brecely (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, August 2 (TASR) – Transport, Construction and Regional Development Minister Roman Brecely stated on TABLET.TV on Thursday that he hasn’t given up the idea of completing the motorway between Bratislava and Kosice in this electoral term ending in 2020.

“It’s my ambition and challenge to complete this more than 40-year old project and finally connect Bratislava and Kosice,” said Brecely.

“Of course, it features some problematic stretches, including Turany-Hubova (Zilina region), where certain geological shifts occurred. This part will most probably have to be re-routed,” he conceded, adding that it will most probably include a tunnel.

“We lost more than ten years by changing the route. At first, it included a tunnel, then bridges, and, in the end, we’re returning to the original tunnel variant,” said the minister.

“In principle, all stretches are in stages allowing the 450 kilometres being presented to drivers in full in 2020,” said Brecely.

Meanwhile, the construction work on the long-expected Bratislava bypass should be launched this autumn, including preparations for a tunnel under the Small Carpathian Mountains.

“No one any longer challenges the notion that the bypass is necessary for Bratislava. Nonetheless, it was important for me to receive positive answers to all three questions – whether it’s good and necessary for Bratislava, whether it’s been tendered out well, and whether the price is appropriate to what’s delivered. With my team we answered all three questions in the affirmative, and so the contract was signed,” added Brecely, adding that various financial operations allowed the ministry to save an additional €127 million.