Construction of D3-motorway Stretch in Kysuce Launched in Cadca

Tapping the foundation stone in Cadca on the occasion of launching the construction of the D3-motorway Cadca-Bukov-Svrcinovec stretch (photo by TASR)

Cadca, January 24 (TASR) – The construction of a D3 motorway section in the Kysuce area was launched on Tuesday by tapping the foundation stone in the centre of the town of Cadca (Zilina region).

The 5.6-kilometre Cadca-Bukov-Svrcinovec (Zilina region) stretch will be built by a consortium of Strabag, PORR and Hochtief for more than €239 million within four years.

Transport and Construction Minister Arpad Ersek (Most-Hid) called on the people of Cadca to be patient, as construction work is going on in the town and will bring traffic restrictions.

“The road will help not only the people of Cadca. As it’s an international corridor, it will connect regions with great prospects in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia and will improve transport links in Europe. Thanks to this, we can construct it with the contribution of EU funds,” said Ersek.

According to National Highway Company (NDS) president Jan Durisin, the construction work will be complex and challenging, as the new road will be routed across complicated terrain and residential areas. One part of the motorway will be built as a flyover passing above residential areas, therefore. “This means that we’ll also need the cooperation of the people of Cadca and their patience. I firmly believe that we’ll be able to put the road in operation in 2020,” said the NDS president.

According to Cadca mayor Milan Gura, the launch of construction work is one of the most important pieces of news not only for the town but for the Kysuce area as a whole. “Kysuce can start flourishing thanks to the launch and completion of the stretch. Then we can begin telling young people not to leave the area to work elsewhere, but to stay in Kysuce and develop the region,” said Gura.

The mayor further stated that there is also an industrial park between Cadca and Svrcinovec, which, however, can’t be used at the moment, as it lacks an exit from the motorway. The construction of the Cadca-Bukov-Svrcinovec stretch will enable the industrial park to develop and create some 500-800 new jobs, added Gura.

The construction of the motorway stretch is being cofinanced by the EU, with almost €74 million earmarked for the project from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). Moreover, as much as €95 million will be allocated from the Integrated Infrastructure Operational Programme.