Dairy Producers Complain to President about Dire Situation

(Stock photo by TASR)

Kezmarok, May 6 (TASR) – Slovak dairy producers at a meeting with President Andrej Kiska in Kezmarok (Presov region) on Friday complained about the dire situation that they face due to a surplus of milk in the EU, adding that a way should be found to help them to get over this, most appropriately in Brussels.

“Slovakia certainly won’t resolve the milk surplus. Comprehensive solutions should be found in Brussels,” said Lubomir Valcuha, general director of Tatranske mliekarne dairy.

According to Valcuha, the situation is getting progressively worse. “We take advantage of the fact that we have a wide range of products. Nevertheless, we can feel dumping mainly in long-life products,” said the director, adding that his dairy continues to purchase milk from Slovak producers at 31 cents per litre, even though it could import milk from Germany for 17 cents.

“It’s a short-term issue, however. If anybody comprehends that milk is needed, the price will change. We’re building on our farmers, and we’ll do everything we can to keep them [producing] milk,” said Valcuha, adding that it’s a matter of interest for Slovak dairies themselves to preserve milk production in Slovakia.

Kiska acknowledged that the situation is difficult. “If we let the Slovak market [fall], it will be difficult to get it back,” he said.