Danko: SNS Won’t Back Down from Imposing Special Levy on Chain Stores

SNS leader Andrej Danko. (Stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, November 23 (TASR) – The Slovak National Party (SNS) won’t backtrack from its plan to promote a special levy for retail chains and its nominees won’t allow themselves to be intimidated, SNS leader and Parliamentary Chair Andrej Danko said at a press briefing in the company of Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Gabriela Matecna (SNS) on Friday.

The bill is currently advancing to the second reading in the House.

“I certainly want to send a message to anyone attempting in any way, shape or form to contact SNS representatives or intimidate them that SNS won’t retreat from taxing big retail chains,” said Danko, adding that he had presented his stance on the introduction of special levy also at a session of coalition council earlier in the day.

“If someone thinks that intimidation works on me or our nominees, they’re making a great mistake and the opposite is true. We’re going into this fight in an extremely rough and resolute fashion,” underlined Danko.

Danko detailed that the state can expect more than €100 million in income from the special levy. When asked by a reporter whether the bill cannot clash with European legislation, he replied: “Let it clash with whatever whenever.”

According to the SNS leader, the bill will “teach arrogant entrepreneurs to treat Slovakia with respect”. “Also, we’ll ensure annual systemic support for our food producers, farmers and processors,” thinks Danko.

Matecna stated that the chain stores treat Slovak suppliers like a red-headed stepchild. “With the levy, we’d like to bolster their [Slovak suppliers’] standing,” she declared, adding that money collected in the levy will be used strictly for the support of Slovak agricultural sector.