EC Okays Slovak Government’s Support for HBP Mining Company

illustration picture (photo by TASR)

Brussels, June 18 (TASR-correspondent) – The European Commission on Thursday announced that it has okayed the Slovak Government’s support for mining company Upper Nitra Mines Prievidza (HBP) amounting to €9.6 million.

The Commission in its report noted that Slovakia plans to provide €9.6 million in the form of public support co-financed from EU structural funds to the mining company in order to mitigate the social impacts of shutting down its mines in Handlova and Novaky (both Trencin region), slated for 2023.

The EC stated that this step is in line with EU rules on state aid, which allow member states to seek to ease the social impacts stemming from shutting down non-competitive coal mines.

The state support will mainly be provided to employees who will lose their jobs as a result of the closures. The money will cover expenditures corresponding to the average salaries of specific employees who will lose their jobs. These people will participate in requalification courses for a maximum of six months while still HBP employees. This should help them to find a new job during this period.