Ersek: R7 to Make Life Easier for Tens of Thousands of Commuters

Part of the planned Bratislava bypass project. (Picture by NDS)

Bratislava, May 11 (TASR) – When it has been built, the R7 expressway forming part of the Bratislava bypass will make the lives of tens of thousands of people commuting to Bratislava easier, apart from boosting the economic potential of the Zitny Ostrov area in southwestern Slovakia, Transport, Construction and Regional Development Ministry State Secretary Arpad Ersek (Most-Hid) stated on Wednesday.

Ersek said that he was happy to see the Cabinet approving the bypass, which will be composed of sections of the D4 motorway and the R7.

“Even though the first plans for constructing such a road were devised as early as in the 1970s, it has taken more than 40 years to reach a tangible decision. It’s been an ultra-long-distance run, but we’ve reached the finish line,” said Ersek, who has expressways under his direct remit at the Transport Ministry.

Following the Government’s approval, Transport Minister Roman Brecely (Siet) is free to sign the contract on constructing the bypass with a consortium led by Spanish company Cintra, which was selected in an earlier tender. The bypass should be completed within something over four years.

Meanwhile, Siet has expressed appreciation for the fact that a clause against letterbox companies made it into the contract, allowing the public to know the final beneficiaries of companies involved in the project. “We’re thus fulfilling our promise that we’ll brook no letterbox companies in the public space,” said Siet leader Radoslav Prochazka.