First Year of Fin.TechSummit Attracts Representatives from Almost All of Europe to Bratislava



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The first year of Fin.TechSummit attracted representatives from almost all of Europe to Bratislava and presented how modern technologies will influence the financial world.

/Bratislava, 22.11.2017/ Fin.Techsummit, which took place in Bratislava, Crowne Plaza Hotel,
on 16th of November 2017, has mapped out the state of innovation and technological change currently taking place in the financial sector.

For the first time, the
Fintech topic was
opened in Slovakia.
The conference was
targeting the CEE
Region, but even
linked participants
from US to Russia. The
expert program,
focusing on the up-todate
inovations and
information in financial sector, attracted more than 300 participants, including representatives of the banking sector, fintech companies, state and startups. The opportunity to meet leading international experts and to discuss how modern technology is changing the financial world has been seazed by representatives of this sector not only from V4 but also from Estonia, The United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia and Ukraine.

The Fin.TechSummit concept has created a space for finding solutions to maintain
competitiveness in the digital economy. The added value of the event was the possibility of
discussion with speakers that actively influence the conduct on the financial and technological
scene in the region of Central and Eastern Europe.

“Fin.TechSummit is a major event focusing on the region in Central and Eastern Europe. It is
part of the events ecosystem that brings leaders to the heart of Europe and focus on the
advancing industries,” says Davy Čajko, organizer of the event and CEO of the Techsummit
Events network.

The organizers are actively involved in this topic, especially on the professional side, and have therefore decided to set up a specialized association called Fintech Europe. “The association will bring inspiration, know-how sharing and naming improvements in the context of modern technologies and innovation in the legislative and financial environment,” adds Davy Čajko.

Theme focus at Fin.TechSummit

Focus of Fin.TechSummit among the main topics was the debate on PSD2 (European Commission Directive on Bank Payments), which will bring innovative financial services into Slovak legislation as well. Clients will be able to execute transactions in new ways, which will increase the competitive pressure on financial services. However, the Directive also places greater emphasis on the security and protection of end-user transactions.

“New players will put pressure on traditional banks that will have to respond and upgrade their services. Technological companies can help banks improve processes to make them more effective and turn this challenge into an opportunity, ” continues D. Čajko. Successful co-operation model of the bank with start-ups, which confirmed that fintech can be inspirational for banks, was also presented by a representative of the digital bank.

The second topic of the conference was PEOPLE AS A KEY FOR SUCCESS. The third very broad part of the conference was the technological revolution BLOCKCHAIN (a special kind of distributed decentralized database that records all payments of so-called crypto currencies -editorial note).

The culmination of the conference was the announcement of the Hackathon´s results. The digital bank has appreciated of the best prototype of a family mobile application that aims to effectively manage family finances and also teach children financial literacy. The winning project has earned 3.000Eur and also the option of implementation in practice. The winner was Ján Seyd with the original technical and visual performance.

The organizers have confirmed the second year of conference

The success of the first year of Fin.Techsummit was done by many domestic and foreign speakers and participants, as well as by co-operation of and The British Embassy, many domestic and foreign production and digital partners, who are also very grateful for their support.

For great interest the organizers started preparation for the second year of Fin.techsummit conference, this will be held on 8th November, 2018. During the year 2018, the several events will be held within the Techsummit Events network, which will professionally process and open a dialogue leading to new approaches in traditional business.

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