Greenpeace Activists Climb SNP Bridge to Unveil Anti-TTIP Banner

Greenpeace activists hanging out a "NO TTIP" banner on the SNP Bridge in Bratislava. (Photo by Juraj Rizman/Greenpeace)

Bratislava, September 23 (TASR) – Ten Greenpeace activists from Slovakia, Austria and Croatia climbed up to the UFO restaurant on top of the SNP Bridge on the Danube River in Bratislava on Friday to unveil a ten-metre banner stating ‘No TTIP’.

The move was aimed at sending a message to EU economy and trade ministers holding a session in Bratislava on the same day that Greenpeace disapproves of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), TASR was told by Greenpeace Slovakia spokesperson Miroslava Abelova.

“Both these treaties are being decided by politicians behind closed doors. Such trade agreements can affect the quality of our lives; for example, TTIP could result in Europe being flooded by low-quality food with lower standards in terms of controlling the use of pesticides and growth hormones. In addition, it could jeopardise the businesses of small and medium-sized farmers,” said Greenpeace’s policy coordinator for central and eastern Europe Julia Sokolovicova.

Meanwhile, according to Greenpeace, a recent study has shown that CETA could have a negative influence on employment in Europe.