Kazimir: Slovakia Ready to Help Croatia to Implement Euro

(stock photo by TASR/AP)

Zagreb, December 11 (TASR correspondent) – Slovakia is ready to advise Croatia on its efforts to implement the euro currency and support the country in the corresponding approval process within European institutions, stated Slovak Finance Minister Peter Kazimir (Smer-SD) as part of his working trip to Croatia on Monday.

Kazimir in Zagreb met his Croatian counterpart Zdravko Maric and took part in a conference devoted to the possibility of introducing the euro in Croatia, which took place at the country’s central bank.

“I’ve presented clear calculations showing that the introduction of the euro has helped Slovakia to achieve additional GDP growth of almost 10 percent, and I’m convinced that Slovaks are comfortable with travelling with the euro currency in their pockets,” said Kazimir.

The conference also discussed possible obstacles when it comes to introducing the joint EU currency. According to Kazimir, this includes, for example, feelings or expectations that there will be price hikes after the adoption of the euro. Kazimir said that unity within society is needed in this regard. “As well as a political agreement, communication with employers, businesses, and then the media will come to help as well. We also received great support from the media in Slovakia,” said the Slovak finance minister.

Kazimir went on to say that Slovakia and Austria are currently the only countries with the euro currency in the central European region and that Croatia potentially joining the eurozone might help the region to promote its interests better.

Maric expressed appreciation for Kazimir’s presence at the conference as well as global cooperation with Slovakia. “There are very good relations between our countries, and we have a lot of things in common, both historically and economically. Every experience is very useful for us,” said Maric, adding that implementing the common European currency will be a rather long and complicated process.

Croatia might adopt the euro in some seven years.