Kia Motors Slovakia Increases Salaries by 7.5 percent on Average

(Stock photo by TASR/AP)

Teplicka nad Vahom, March 29 (TASR) – The average salary at Kia Motors Slovakia in Teplicka nad Vahom near Zilina is due to rise by 7.5 percent as of April 1, while the basic salaries for the blue-collar staff will be increased by €75 per month, company spokesman Jozef Bace told TASR.

With bonuses for night work due to be upped as well, a average staff member will get more than €115 per month more as of next month, noted Bace.

Meanwhile, the collective agreement will continue to feature bonuses for summer holidays and Christmas, quarterly motivational bonuses, year-end bonuses if the production plans are observed, and special €30-vouchers for Christmas and Easter.

“This result of the collective bargaining represents the highest increase of basic salaries in our company ever,” said president and CEO of Kia Motors Slovakia Dae-Sik Kim.