Kia Motors Slovakia to Take On 24 Students for Dual Education Courses

Kia's education centre in Gbelany (TASR)

Gbelany, February 4 (TASR) – Kia Motors Slovakia and the Secondary Vocational School of Mechanical Engineering in Kysucke Nove Mesto will cooperate on dual education as of the new school year 2016/17, with representatives of the carmaker and the school’s headteacher Ondrej Holiencik signing an agreement at Kia’s education centre in Gbelany (Zilina region).

According to Kia Motors Slovakia director for education Branislav Hadar, during the school year a total of 24 students will be able to undergo studies in courses called ‘Mechanic-specialist in Automotive Production’ and ‘Programmer of Machining and Welding Machines and Equipment’, with 12 students in each course. Theory will be taught at the school, while practical experience will take place at Kia’s plant.

Hadar emphasised that the most important contribution is a guaranteed job after graduation. “During their study, the students will receive support for productive work, company scholarships, meal subsidies, work clothes, working equipment, medical checkups and free bus transport. Participation in the system of dual education is the logical conclusion of long-term efforts by our company to combine theory with practice and provide conditions for every graduate to apply themselves on the labour market,” said Hadar.

According to Holiencik, the school’s participation in the programme is a natural continuation of its cooperation with companies in Zilina region. “We began cooperation with Kia in 2006, when the company was getting started with production and needed to train employees. We offered them know-how, and teachers went to the education centre in order to train the first employees. And subsequently we were developing cooperation with our students to go on professional training courses in their final year. Gradually, we were drawing up school leaving exams at the education centre for a three-year course or the practical part of secondary school final exams. And the next milestone is now the dual education system in two courses,” emphasised Holiencik.

Slovak Trade and Industry Chamber (SOPK) in Zilina director Jan Misura presented the carmaker’s representatives with a certificate for fulfilling the conditions for entering into dual education. “We’re glad that Kia Motors Slovakia has met the requirements for certification of dual education in seven courses, and the certificate will be valid symbolically for seven years,” said Misura.