Kiska: People of Lucenec Can’t Feel GDP and Salary Growth

Slovak President Andrej Kiska (stock photo by TASR)

Lucenec, September 9 (TASR) – It’s a paradox that on one hand, Slovakia is faring well, GDP and the average salary are growing and unemployment dropping, while on the other, people from towns such as Lucenec (Banska Bystrica region) aren’t feeling this, said President Andrej Kiska after meeting Lucenec town councillors on Friday.

“Poverty remains, young people are fleeing, unemployment isn’t going down. It’s the task of us all – the Government, president and Parliament – to ponder how we can effectively help such regions and towns,” stressed Kiska.

Kiska and Lucenec mayor Alexandra Pivkova spoke about ways of rendering the action plan for developing the district functionable. “The Cabinet has actively started to support areas in which unemployment is significantly higher. The mayor and I discussed what the options are, what can be done in order for young people to remain here and find a job,” noted Kiska.

The two officials also discussed successful projects carried out in Lucenec. “A synagogue has been reconstructed, communal flats have been built, there are plenty of good signals. But the most important thing is to restore the prosperity of this town so that young families will want to stay and not flee abroad to look for jobs. That would be a big challenge,” said Kiska.

The president will continue his visit to Lucenec by visiting K-Kart [a company producing special parts for motorsport technologies – ed. note] and Bozena Slancikova-Timrava Grammar School, where he’ll speak with the students. He should also meet representatives of the village of Halic (Lucenec district) and take part in the vernissage of an exhibition called Memento by Peter Kalmus at the synagogue. The exhibition is dedicated to the memory of the Holocaust.