Lyra Chocolate in Nitra to Cooperate with Shuar Indian Tribe

Slovak President Andrej Kiska visiting chocolate manufacturer Lyra Chocolate in Nitra (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, February 7 (TASR) – The Nitra-based chocolate manufacturer Lyra Chocolate will cooperate with an Ecuadorian Indian tribe called Shuar, which is based in Ecuador’s Taisha region, as the company’s representative Karol Styblo signed a cooperation agreement with a representative of the tribe on Monday (February 6).

“It’s the first international contract that a representative of this region [Taisha] has ever signed,” said Styblo.

“Slovakia is excellent not only for its flying car and navigation system, but we have people here who can become successful in various fields. These people are demonstrating that startups are not only about IT and technology, but also about what we can invent in different areas,” said Slovak President Andrej Kiska, who was also present at the inking of the agreement.

According to Kiska, any kind of help for new companies is important and politicians should look for companies that have the potential to develop and export, and then show them support. “However, this company has managed to push through without any [state] support,” he added.

Stybla further added that cooperation with the Ecuadorian farmers is partly a social project of Nitra’s entrepreneurs in this area. “The Taisha region is a region in the heart of the equatorial forest with an area of about 200 square kilometres. A tribe called Shuar is living there and we’re forming a sort of joint company with them,” said Styblo, adding that cocoa from this area is of the best quality; it’s original and genuine without any influence of crossbreeding or artificial pollination.