Mayors Urge for Construction of Bratislava Bypass to Begin ASAP

(Stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, May 12 (TASR) – After the Government on Wednesday gave the green light to constructing a Bratislava bypass composed of sections of the D4 motorway and R7 expressway, mayors of villages concerned and some Bratislava boroughs on Thursday urged that the construction work should be launched as soon as possible.

“Any delays will make the current situation even worse,” Dunajska Luzna mayor Stefan Jurcik told TASR, adding that the first R7 stretch to be built should be between Dunajska Luzna and Bratislava. “The biggest problems are there. The highest number of cars accumulates there,” he said, adding that as many as 28,000 cars pass through Dunajska Luzna per day.

“Those who know the situation we’re experiencing on a daily basis know how much we’re waiting for this,” said Miloslavov mayor Milan Badansky. According to him, the locals are fed up with academic debates concerning individual parameters of the project, including its price.

Both mayors stated that if necessary, their local authorities will organise protests – including road blockades or other forms of action.

Meanwhile, Bratislava borough of Vrakuna mayor Martin Kuruc was so happy about the Government’s decision that he promised on Facebook to cook a meal for the workers on the first day of the construction work. The Government’s nod to the project was also welcomed by Alzbeta Ozvaldova, mayor of the Bratislava borough of Podunajske Biskupice.

Transport, Construction and Regional Development Minister Roman Brecely (Siet/Network) estimates that the work could be launched in the summer or autumn. The Cintra-led consortium is set to complete he project in four years and four months.