Most-Hid Proposes Legalising Home Distillation

(Stock photo by AP)

Bratislava, June 14 (TASR) – The co-governing Most-Hid party on Thursday unveiled a legislative proposal aimed at legalising the domestic distillation of alcohol for one’s own use, stating that this certainly won’t affect Slovakia’s distillery industry.

“There’s a long tradition of distilling spirits from home-grown fruit, but this has been made illegal,” stated Most-Hid MP Tibor Bastrnak, adding that many people in Slovakia distil spirits at home despite the official ban.

The Most-Hid-sponsored bill stipulates some requirements for domestic distillation, including the possession of a proper still, which must be officially registered, annual volume limits for distilled spirits (25 litres per person) and the prohibition of using homemade alcohol for other purposes than private consumption.

“According to estimates, around 15,000 people currently distil spirits at home, while these figures can even be underestimated,” said MP Peter Antal, adding that customs officers reveal only a dozen people annually.