Nitra Issues Construction Permit for Jaguar Land Rover

(stock photo by TASR)

Nitra, August 3 (TASR) – Nitra, as the relevant special construction authority, has issued a permit for the Automotive Nitra Project applied for by Jaguar Land Rover Slovakia, TASR learnt on Wednesday.

Nitra authorities found no reasons during the construction proceedings that would prevent the permit from being issued. The British carmaker is planning to begin with construction at Nitra industrial park at the end of the summer.

In line with a government decision from January 13, 2016, Jaguar Land Rover’s plant in Nitra enjoys the status of a ‘significant investment’. “A business plan with investment costs of a total nominal value of €1.406 billion will emerge in the area of Strategic Park Nitra on the area of the villages of Drazovce and Luzianky. A total of 2,834 jobs will be directly created in line with the business plan,” stated the Economy Ministry in a report.

State assistance worth a maximum of €130 million in the form of a subsidy for long-term tangible and intangible assets was approved for the Jaguar investment in December 2015.

Jaguar Land Rover wants to construct a major plant with a production capacity of 300,000 vehicles yearly in Nitra. The first cars should roll off the company’s production lines in 2018.