OLaNO: Kazimir Shows Only Figures That Make Him Look Good

Next finance minister Ladislav Kamenicky (left) with former finance minister Peter Kazimir (right) (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, April 11 (TASR) – Former finance minister Peter Kazimir (Smer-SD) showed only good-looking figures during the evaluation of his tenure on Thursday, yet he omitted the fact that debt per capita has swelled and he was part of two governments marked by scandals, maintains the opposition OLaNO party.

OLaNO MP Eduard Heger stated that debt per capita ballooned under Kazimir from €3,200 to €8,500. “This cumbrance will need to be paid off one day by our children. Furthermore, he also introduced several new taxes – on insurance, food, dividends and the like – while tacitly hiking the existing ones, for instance, the “common people tax” or income tax, levies and so on,” he said.

According to OLaNO, Kazimir also “played possum” in the face of glaring corruption scandals. Seeing as Kazimir is now the seventh minister out of the cabinet of thirteen leaving the Government since the last 2016 election, OLaNO believes that the Government is not as stable as it purports to be.

OLaNO caucus head Veronika Remisova also finds irresponsible the fashion in which a change of leadership at the helm of the Slovak Central Bank (NBS) is taking place. “When the tenure of NBS governor is scheduled to expire properly in January 2021, it is unacceptable to make the governor leave early only because Smer-SD wishes to install its nominee Peter Kazimir in the cushy job and take over the Slovak Central Bank in the process. Such an approach undermines the independence of this institution and trust in the rule of law per se,” added Remisova.