People Can Use 44 Flights from Bratislava to 41 destinations as of Sunday

(stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, March 23 (TASR) – M.R. Stefanik Airport in Bratislava will provide 44 regular routes to 41 destinations in 22 countries as of Sunday, March 26, with the new summer flight schedule becoming effective on that day.

Among other things, the summer schedule will introduce new regular connections to Bosnia and Herzegovina, to the Bulgarian city of Sofia and the Polish capital of Warsaw.

According to Bratislava Airport general director Ivan Trhlik, Bratislava will thus offer more flights when compared to last year. “While this year passengers have at their disposal 41 destinations in 22 countries, last year it was 30 destinations in 15 countries,” he said.

Regarding new flight destinations, Hungarian low-cost operator Wizz Air has launched new routes to Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina), to Cluj-Napoca (Romania) and as of June 30 it will start providing flights to Sofia (Bulgaria) and Warsaw (Poland). “Compared to last year’s summer schedule, a new connection to Ukraine’s capital of Kiev provided by Wizz Air has been added as well as Ryanair’s routes to the Serbian city of Nis and to Leeds-Bradford in the UK,” added Trhlik.

As many as seven airlines will provide regular flights and regular charter flights during the spring and summer from Bratislava. Favourite flight connections to Corfu, Malaga, Majorca, Paris-Beauvais, Trapani and Alghero provided by Ryanair are returning on the summer schedule as well, according to the Bratislava airport.