Pociatek: Finding Strategic Partner for Bratislava Airport Best Solution

Transport, Construction and Regional Development Minister Jan Pociatek. (Photo by TASR)

Bratislava, February 18 (TASR) – The most reasonable solution for securing development of the Milan Rastislav Stefanik Airport in Bratislava (BTS), currently under the remit of the state, is finding a strategic partner, Transport, Construction and Regional Development Minister Jan Pociatek told TASR on Thursday.

Several candidates for partnership have already applied, with the ministry having launched talks on the matter. “It’s a fact that currently there’s no other option for achieving a significant upswing for the airport than finding a strategic partner,” said Pociatek, adding that this shouldn’t involve privatisation of the airport, however. He further said that if he continues as transport minister after the March 5 general election, he’ll carry out his own “clear plan” on making a significant shift in this matter within a year or two. The strategic partner should serve for both passenger and cargo transport.

When asked about his opinion on the current situation with the airport, Pociatek said that he’s more or less satisfied. “Let’s view the current situation as a basic platform for what eventually can come from the airport, however,” he added.

The minister pointed out that his first task when assuming office four years ago involved stabilising the airport in financial and operational terms. Pociatek believes that he’s been successful in this, noting that the number of passengers handled by the airport went up by 15.4 percent year-on-year in 2015.