Premier: We Want to Pay Out €500 to Employees in State and Public Administration

Prime Minister Eduard Heger (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, June 25 (TASR) – The state proposes to pay a one-time contribution worth €500 per person to employees in the state and public administration in the current year, making up an aid package of €200 million, Prime Minister Eduard Heger and Finance Minister Igor Matovic (both OLaNO) told a press conference on Saturday.

The premier pointed out that this is a draft that is to be discussed next week with social partners, as a move beyond the framework of the higher-level collective agreement. “We still have a lot of negotiations ahead of us, but we wanted to show that we’re coming up with solutions,” stressed the prime minister.

The allowance doesn’t apply to health professionals, soldiers and social services workers. “We’re addressing these groups separately, we’ll present solutions in this case as well,” assured the premier.

According to Matovic, the costs of the increased expenses should be covered by extraordinary resources. He guarantees the payment of the contribution, which also applies to teachers, and he also indicated that the Government would like to communicate a systemic solution by the beginning of July. “By the end of next week we’d like to present how the salaries of teachers as well as other employees in state and public administration should be increased,” he added.