President Returns Holiday Vouchers to Parliament, Criticises Discrimination

President Andrej Kiska (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, November 9 (TASR) – President Andrej Kiska has vetoed an amendment to the Tourism Promotion Act as, according to him, the law discriminates against some employees in the entitlement to get a recreation contribution, TASR learnt on Friday.

With his veto, the president does not argue against the introduction of a recreational voucher and a recreation allowance for employees. “It’s the Government’s and Parliament’s power to support domestic tourism through such tools they consider to be suitable or necessary,” stated Kiska.
However, he points out that the approved law has created three different groups of employees in terms of entitlement to a recreation allowance, depending on whether they work in a company less than or more than two years, and whether the company employs fewer or more than 50 people. Some employees have a guaranteed contribution, some are not entitled to it at all, and others can obtain it on their employer’s voluntary initiative.
“Such inequality among employees in relation to the same entitlement to a recreation allowance doesn’t correspond to any real need, no legitimate objective of the state’s social policy can be achieved through it and with regard to the purpose of this contribution, such a law isn’t necessary,” said the head of state in the justification for vetoing the law.
According to the amendment drawn up by the coalition Slovak National Party (SNS), a new contribution for recreation of employees should be introduced. The contribution should equal 55 percent of eligible costs and amount to a maximum of €275.
The vouchers should be mandatory only for firms employing more than 49 people and only employees who have worked for the company for at least 24 months can apply for it. Companies with less than 49 employees will be able to issue the vouchers on a voluntary basis.