Presov: City Will Reimburse only Justified Costs for Works After Gas Explosion

A reinforced concrete base, in the middle, that remained after a 12-storey apartment block in Presov which was demolished after the tragic gas explosion on December 6, 2019 (Photo by TASR)

Presov, August 4 (TASR) – The city of Presov will reimburse the costs associated with rescue works following the gas explosion in a 12-storey apartment block on December 6, 2019 that claimed eight lives, the city administration said at a press conference on Tuesday, adding that the city will reimburse the invoice from the company that performed the rescue works only up to the amount recognised in the expert opinion from the Forensic Engineering Institute of Zilina University.

“The expert opinion is in the amount of €781,029.08. It’s the amount that the city will pay to the company called Matijka because it’s substantiated I think by the most renowned expert institute we have in Slovakia and this amount is unquestionable,” said Presov mayor Andrea Turcanova.

The company delivered two invoices to the city related to the rescue works in an amount totalling €1,018,481.98. The first invoice in an amount of €803,405.49 and the second invoice in an amount of €215,076.49, which the town hall returned to the company. However, in accordance with the conclusions of the expert opinion, the city of Presov will reimburse the company only for the mentioned amount and will not recognise the balance of €237,452.90

“It’s in the hands of my lawyer. I know that the city communicated with him via e-mail on Tuesday (August 3). For now, I would comment on this in this way, as it’s very hot information,” said company owner Peter Matijka.