Share of Slovak Groceries on Shelves Still Below 40 percent in 2016

SPPK chairman Milan Semancik (stock photo)

Bratislava, February 7 (TASR) – Slovak foodstuffs accounted for 39.91 percent of grocery items on the shelves of retail chains in Slovakia late last year, TASR learnt from a survey that the Slovak Agricultural and Food Chamber (SPPK) carried out in November.

“It needs to be said that we’re not having much success with increasing the share of Slovak food production on the shelves of retail chains. Surveys have indicated for a long time that we can’t seem to cross the 40-percent threshold, and this was also shown in the latest survey, which we conducted between November 14-20,” said SPPK chairman Milan Semancik, noting that the latest figure is actually even 0.03 percentage points lower than in 2015.

When it came to individual grocery items, eggs from Slovakia recorded the highest share of shelf space – 72 percent, thereby remaining at the top of the list for the fourth year running. Milk, honey and mineral water followed on 63, 61 and 60 percent, respectively. No other item made it above 60 percent.

Only 54 percent of potatoes and 53 percent of bread and rolls sold in retail chains were produced in Slovakia. Fresh fruit and vegetables made up only a third of these items sold in shops. Even lower proportions were seen in the categories of pasta, freshwater fish, oils and processed fruit and vegetables. At a lowly 21 percent, packaged meat came bottom for the third year in a row.

When it comes to individual retail chains, COOP Jednota proved again to be the most ‘patriotic’, as 59 percent of what it sold came from Slovakia. Next came CBA and Hypernova on 54 and 41 percent, respectively.

Billa and Tesco were neck and neck on 39 percent, followed by Kaufland on 37 percent and Metro on 29 percent. Lidl came last again on 17 percent, having recorded an annual drop of 2 percentage points into the bargain.

A total of 28 grocery items were under review in 54 stores belonging to eight retail chains.