Slovak Foreign Trade Posted Surplus of €3.5 bn in January-October

Photo byTASR

Bratislava, January 9 (TASR) – Slovakia’s foreign trade produced a surplus of €3.503 billion for January to October 2016, which was €463.5 million higher than the surplus recorded over the same period of 2015, the Slovak Statistics Office reported on Monday.

The highest surplus between January-October was recorded with Germany (€4.01 billion), followed by the United Kingdom (€2.445 billion), France (€1.761 billion), Austria (€1.743 billion), Poland (€1.617 billion), Italy (€1.073 billion), the Czech Republic (€1.031 billion), Spain (€944.6 million), the Netherlands (€841 million) and the United States (€836.4 million).The biggest deficits were in foreign trade with China (€3.697 billion), South Korea (€3.162 billion), Russia (€1.037 billion), Taiwan (€423.7 million), Japan (€404.8 million), Malaysia (€304.6 million) and India (€184 million).

Slovakia clocked up exports worth €57.921 billion over the first ten months of 2016. Compared to the same period of 2015, total exports increased by 3.1 percent.
Imports amounted to €54.418 billion in January-October, an increase of 2.4 percent year-on-year.

For October alone, total exports rose by 2.9 percent to €6.575 billion, while imports were 0.01 percent higher at €6.062 billion. This makes for a surplus of €513 million, or an extra €183 million compared to October 2015.