Slovakia Had Drawn 1.85% of EU Funds Allocated for 2014-20 by July 31

(Stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, August 8 (TASR) – Slovakia had drawn around €286.6 million from EU funds for the 2014-20 programme period at the end of July, an amount representing 1.85 percent of the €15.5 billion in total allocated for the country, the Office of Deputy Prime Minister for Investments and Informatisation Peter Pellegrini announced on Monday.

With Slovakia having access to the new package of EU funds for the third year now, the state has announced 128 calls for requests for grants, contracting projects worth €2.4 billion, i.e. 15.58 percent of total funds.

The highest number of calls (39) by July 31 had been made concerning the Integrated Infrastructure Operational Programme (OP), funding projects primarily in transport and eGovernment, for example. With 12.34 percent of the total funds contracted, 2.98 percent of the programme allocation had been drawn.

It was followed by the Human Resources OP on 26 calls designed to promote education, employment, social inclusion and support for vulnerable groups on the labour market. The programme had contracted 25.95 percent of the funds allocated for this sector by the end of July, while 1.20 percent of the money had been approved for spending.

The Environment Quality OP, concerning protection of the environment and support for an energy efficient low-carbon economy, had announced 22 calls by the end of July, contracting 19.40 percent of the funds, but spending only 0.03 percent of the total.

Meanwhile, no drawing of funds had been approved for the Research and Innovation OP so far, while 3.39 percent of the allocated funds have been contracted. A similar situation applied to the Integrated Regional OP (6.63 percent contracted), Effective Public Administration OP (1.91 percent) and Technical Assistance OP (10.28 percent). These programmes had produced 23 calls in total.

At the same time the Rural Development Programme, which has nearly €1.6 billion available from EU funds in the current programme period, announced 18 calls for submitting applications, contracting 34.10 percent of all resources, with 9.05 of the funds paid out to recipients.