Slovensko.Digital Representatives Evaluate Their Activities One Year On

Slovensko.Digital (photo taken from Facebook Slovensko.Digital)

Bratislava, November 3 (TASR) – Creating pressure on the quality of state digital services as well as halting suspect IT projects worth €250 million are among the greatest successes of civil association Slovensko.Digital over the first year of its existence, TASR was told on Thursday.

Speaking at a meeting with journalists in Bratislava earlier in the day, Jan Hargas from Slovensko.Digital stated that IT experts have managed to implement changes to a new informatisation plan and presented specific examples of how state IT might work.

“Mainly, internal changes have taken place in state IT over the past year. The informatisation process finally has a clear owner, a new Office headed by Deputy Prime Minister [Peter] Pellegrini has been set up, and a new concept has been adopted,” said Hargas.

“However, the public wants to see better services for less money, and in order for this to happen, defined goals have to be transferred from paper into practice,” he added.

Slovensko.Digital has so far pointed to several dubious IT projects and has managed to halt three of them – electronic health insurance cards, an automatic radar system and the ‘Atlas of Passive Infrastructure’ project – worth €250 million in total.

Moreover, the association has proposed 20 measures for informatisation system changes aimed at using EU funds allocated to state IT more efficiently than before.

In the future Slovensko.Digital wants to continue supervising the informatisation process and improving digital services for the public. Representatives of the platform would like to simplify payments for electronic services, make the website more user-friendly than it is at the moment and improve the use of electronic ID cards.