SNS: Businesses Welcome Idea of 13th and 14th Salaries

SNS leader Andrej Danko (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, August 22 (TASR) – The proposal to introduce 13th and 14th salaries (i.e. two extra monthly salaries per year) as part of a ‘systemisation of remuneration’ sits well with entrepreneurs, said the Slovak National Party (SNS) after meeting their representatives in Bratislava on Tuesday.

That said, Republican Union of Employers (RUZ) executive secretary Martin Hostak stated that employers would like to be first provided with analyses of the impacts of the measure and the proposed wording of the law.

“As the country is doing well, it’s appropriate to consider exempting 13th and 14th salaries from taxes and levies,” reads a statement by SNS chairman Andrej Danko. SNS representatives also met officials from the Association of Employers Unions (AZZZ) and the Slovak Self-employed Association (SZZ).

According to Danko, the bonus, which would be provided on a voluntary basis, would be a tool for employee retention and would be a net income for them to boot. Meanwhile, SNS proposes a cap on payment equivalent to the employee’s gross monthly salary.

As long as the measure is optional and involves no taxes or levies, it wouldn’t necessarily be problematic for employers, said Hostak.