Social Partners Fail to Agree on Minimum Wage, AZZZ Proposes €646 per Month

illustration picture (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, July 15 (TASR) – The social partners (employers, employees and government) have failed to agree on the minimum wage for 2022 within the legally set deadline (July 15), and so the Presidium of the Association of Employers Unions (AZZZ) has approved a proposal to preserve the minimum wage for next year at the level of 57 percent of the monthly nominal salary two years ago, as stipulated by the current law on the minimum wage, AZZZ spokesperson Miriam Filova told TASR on Thursday.

The minimum wage in 2022 according to AZZZ’s proposal would thus amount to €646. “At the same time we insist that it should remain separate from bonuses. The compromise achieved last year is definitely a better solution for the business sector than if the minimum wage were set according to the then valid law, which would be unsustainable for companies in the current situation,” said Filova.

The association reiterated that in light of the coronavirus pandemic it’s very important to take a responsible approach to setting the minimum wage in order to avoid an even greater negative impact on the economy and employment. “Our common goal should be to maintain employment at the maximum possible level and to keep companies viable. In previous years, the minimum wage rose sharply and disproportionately in relation to the average salary and compared to neighbouring countries,” said Filova.