SPP Chief: Russia Halved Gas Supplies to Slovakia on Friday

SPP general director Richard Prokypcak (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, June 17 (TASR) – Russian natural gas supplies to Slovakia have continued to fall: while Russia decreased supplies to gas utility SPP by 10 percent on Tuesday (June 14), by 15 percent on Wednesday (June 15) and by over one third on Thursday (June 16), gas supplies will be halved compared to the volume stipulated in contracts on Friday, SPP general director Richard Prokypcak announced at the Spring ITAPA 2022 conference on Friday.

However, Prokypcak gave assurances that this reduction won’t threaten Slovakia, noting that SPP has signed a contract for gas supplies from the North Sea, which are already flowing to Slovakia, while gas from the LNG tanker most recently unloaded in Croatia is on its way as well. “For every megawatthour we are lacking at the moment, we’re filling our gas reservoirs with an extra two megawatthours,” he said.

Slovakia won’t be hit by the halving of Russian gas supplies in any way, therefore, stated the SPP chief. “We’re working on other ways to deal with a situation in which supplies would be completely halted,” he said. Slovakia’s gas reservoirs are currently 52-percent full. However, in relation to total annual consumption, Slovakia has more gas in its storage facilities than any other Visegrad Four (V4 – Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia) country.