SPPK Points to Gridlock and Food Supply Problems Due to Latest Measures

A traffic jam caused by police checks on Wednesday, April 8. (Photo by TASR)

Bratislava, April 8 (TASR) – Slovak Agriculture and Food Chamber (SPPK) spokesperson Jana Holeciova pointed to the gridlock that has taken place as a result of the partial curfew that began as of Wednesday, causing huge problems with food supplies and inputs in primary production.

Holeciova said that the most critical situation has been observed since the morning on the roads leading into Bratislava. Therefore, farmers, food producers and retailers are calling on the respective authorities, and especially the agriculture minister, to address the situation as soon as possible, as it might end in a collapse in terms of supplying the population, she said.

According to Holeciova, the distribution of some foodstuffs and inputs for plant and livestock production has fallen behind schedule since the early morning due to police patrols that are checking cars crossing the borders between individual districts of Slovakia. Many food producers, retailers, suppliers and farmers have reported problems; that they have been unable to get to their destinations with their goods due to the measures, she said. For example, bakeries have had problems because their drivers who deliver bread to shops weren’t able to get to work on time. Retailers warn that if the situation isn’t addressed, people won’t be able to buy what they need on Thursday.

“We’re calling on government representatives to make it possible for lorries loaded with foodstuffs and other farm commodities to move smoothly all over Slovakia. Supplies must be exempted and shouldn’t be subjected to police checks at the entrances to towns,” stressed SPPK chairman Emil Macho.