Sulik Not Afraid that Gas Stops Flowing to Slovakia from Day to Day

Economy Minister Richard Sulik (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, April 27 (TASR) – The situation related to the supply of Russian natural gas to Europe is tense but it isn’t critical for Slovakia, Economy Minister Richard Sulik told a press conference, adding that a total of 60 million cubic metres of Russian gas came to Slovakia via Ukraine and the Czech Republic on Wednesday, of which over 14 million cubic metres remained in Slovakia for immediate consumption and storage.

Given that the next installment for gas is due on May 20 for Slovakia, Sulik doesn’t expect an immediate cessation of supplies.

“It’s important that the Slovak side, specifically the SPP, has paid all its obligations and the payment of these obligations was also accepted by the Russian side,” said Sulik. Slovakia will have to pay the next gas payment on May 20. Until then, the situation with gas payments will be stable, as Slovakia is one of the last countries to pay for current supplies. Russia demands so-called unfriendly countries to pay for gas in roubles, which most EU countries have rejected.

Head of gas utility SPP Richard Prokypcak stated that the company is preparing for all gas supply scenarios and, among other things, has already provided another liquefied natural gas (LNG) tanker for Slovakia. It should be at the terminal on the Croatian island of Krk on May 1. SPP is also negotiating LNG supplies from countries other than the USA, and gas supplies from oil fields in the North Sea are also at stake.