Theta Energy Group to Create 800 Jobs at Vojany Power Plant

Finance Minister Peter Kazimir and Economy Minister Vazil Hudak in Vojany (TASR)

Vojany, February 25 (TASR) – Economy Minister Vazil Hudak and Finance Minister Peter Kazimir signed a memorandum of understanding with American investor Theta Energy Group (TEG) at Vojany thermal power plant (EVO) in Kosice region on Thursday.

TEG is planning to create permanent 800 jobs at the plant in the village of Vojany. The company plans to invest, modernise, develop and create local sources of permanent and safe energy supplies in the form of electricity and heating.

“It’s an innovative company that is working with many suppliers. Their vision is to transform EVO into a power plant that will produce clean energy,” said Kazimir.

According to TEG chairman and founder Sean P. McCarthy, the company focuses on application of various innovations in electricity production. They use gas and biomass in order to decrease emissions.
The memorandum is divided into two parts one is to modernise the EVO, the second is a development of an energy innovation centre and technology park at an agreed location in Slovakia. TEG will bring technology and know-how to the table.

The Finance Ministry and the Economy Ministry agreed to provide full cooperation and support in fulfilling both investment aims and a suitable time schedule to create a working group comprised of representatives of the Government, TEG and energy utility Slovenske Elektrarne (SE).

EVO currently employs 142 people, in addition to those the investor wants to create the aforementioned 800 new jobs there.

According to the Finance Ministry, the investor hasn’t applied for any aid from the state. “We are in the beginning, we are announcing the signing of the memorandum. We confirm that so far we haven’t registered any application for stimuli,” said Kazimir.

According to Hudak, TEG was also interested in other locations, regarding the technology park. In the recent days TEG representatives have visited Bardejov (Presov region) and its industrial zone.

“Representatives of the investor have planned session with representatives of the Office for the Regulation of Network Industries, Enel, SE and various other institutions that are parts of the mosaic that needs to be laid down also in order for an institutional framework for this investment to be created,” said Hudak.

EVO is run by SE, of which Enel (Italy) is a majority owner and the state has 34 percent share.