Trade Unions Protest in Kosice against Reduction of Wage and Social Standards

Trade unionists marching for rights of all employees organised by the Confederation of Trade Unions (KOZ) in Kosice on September 17, 2020 (photo by TASR)

Kosice, September 17 (TASR) – A protest march for employees’ rights was organised by the Confederation of Trade Unions (KOZ) in Kosice on Thursday, TASR learnt on the same day.

It was aimed against the proposed legislative intentions of the Government, behind which the unions see an effort to reduce the salary and social standards of workers.

According to KOZ President Marian Magdosko, the number of protesters in the city centre was limited by the measures against the COVID-19 outbreak to one thousand participants, which the unions observed. A similar march will take place in Presov on Friday (September 18) and later in Banska Bystrica, Zilina, Trencin and Trnava.

Trade unionists are protesting against changing the mechanism for calculating the minimum wage and reducing the minimum wage in 2021 from a guaranteed €656 to €623.

They also object to the reduction of bonuses, minimum wage entitlements and 13th pension payments. They also point to the planned abolition of the retirement age cap or the benefits of the 13th and 14th salary payments, the amendment to the Tripartite Act or the Labour Code in the issue of introducing a 20-percent limit for trade union representation.