Transport Ministry Preparing Proposal for State Quarantine in Hotels

illustration picture (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, March 19 (TASR) – The Transport Ministry is preparing a proposal for state quarantine in hotels, ministry spokesman Ivan Rudolf told TASR on Friday.

Rudolf said that the Transport Ministry is part of a working group that is preparing the legislative and technical conditions for people to spend mandatory quarantine in hotel and accommodation facilities. The group, which also includes the Health, Interior and Foreign Affairs Ministries, is drafting a proposal for the manner in which mandatory state quarantine will operate. The proposal is yet to be discussed by the Pandemic Commission and the Government. Nevertheless, the Transport Ministry views this possibility, inspired by other countries, as quickly feasible.

“As an electronic application for registering in mandatory quarantine still hasn’t been launched, we’re holding talks with our hoteliers and other sectors concerned on establishing mandatory quarantine in their facilities. We think we’ll be able to create more acceptable conditions in hotels compared to the mandatory state quarantine seen during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time we’ll help hotels that have had to stay closed since Christmas,” said Transport Ministry State Secretary Katarina Brunckova.

The stay in quarantine would work in a similar way to that seen in Great Britain, for example. There people pay for a two-week stay at a hotel upon their return from abroad, said Rudolf, who views this as an effective way of preventing coronavirus mutations from being brought into Slovakia from abroad.