Valy Bridge in Kysuce to Become Tallest Bridge in Central Europe

Part of the Valy Bridge in Kysuce. (Photo by TASR)

Svrcinovec, February 27 (TASR) – The Valy bridge, which should be part of the D3 motorway in the traditional region of Kysuce in northern Slovakia, will become the tallest bridge in Central Europe after its completion, TASR learnt on

According to National Highway Company (NDS) general director Milan Gajdos, the 84-metre tall bridge – equal to a 33-storey building – will have to feature windbreaks, which in Europe are used only in France and Croatia. Moreover, NDS will also install special devices to measure the speed of wind. If the wind speed exceeds certain limits, transport on the bridge will be slowed down, with “lorry transport to be organised in a different manner on this stretch”.

“The investment into this stretch reaches almost €330 million. When it comes to traffic intensity, we expect 5,000 vehicles [per day],” said Gajdos.