Wittenbergerova Will Be New Financial Administration President

Financial Administration (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, September 26 (TASR) – Lenka Wittenbergerova will be the new Financial Administration president, Finance Minister Peter Kazimir (Smer-SD) announced during the Cabinet session on Wednesday, adding that she’ll occupy this post for six months as of October 1.

Wittenbergerova has been serving as head of the Financial Directorate’s tax section for many years. She’ll replace Frantisek Imrecze in the post of Financial Administration president. Imrecze announced his decision to resign from the post last week at a session of the parliamentary financial committee where he had come to provide an explanation regarding the scandal involving Chinese goods-related customs fraud.

“I want to continue the processes that we set along with the outgoing president. Financial Administration has undergone significant changes over the past six years. We managed to launch the path of electronisation and digitisation, and I want to continue in this direction,” said Wittenbergerova.

Wittenbergerova’s goal is to create paper-free financial administration. “Therefore, we’ll keep working on expanding electronic communications and implementing full two-way electronic communications. My priorities also include adopting and implementing the law on financial administration,” she said.

Imrecze led Financial Administration almost from its origin in 2012. “I found it disrupted, with a non-functional information system and missing data on tax entities, which created ideal space for tax fraud. So, my colleagues and I immediately focused on tax fraud involving excessive VAT deductions, which were absolutely massive,” said Imrecze, adding that Financial Administration brought an extra €3.7 billion into the state budget thanks to the elimination of excessive deductions.