Women Occupy One-Third of Top Managerial Posts in Slovak Firms

results of Bisnode survey on women's share in top managerial posts (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, July 10 (TASR) – Women have a one-third representation in the top managerial posts in the biggest Slovak firms, according to data provided to TASR by the consultancy Bisnode Slovensko on Monday.

Women slightly improved their position from last year when the survey among female managers in Slovakia was carried out for the first time, with their number in top managerial positions going up 1 percent.

Bisnode director Jiri Skopovy said that women in managerial posts in Slovak firms in 2016 were chiefly involved in the field of human resources (as much as 82.51 percent) to be followed by the financial sector (56.17 percent) and marketing (50.72 percent).

Meanwhile, IT sector and general director posts still remain the men’s domain. A mere 6.67 percent of women work in top positions in the IT sector, while less than 9 percent of general director posts in Slovak firms are occupied by women.

“Women’s representation in managerial posts in Slovakia has been gradually growing; however, it still fails to achieve the EU average even though several studies show that having women in management contributes to the stability and profitability of companies,” said Bisnode analyst Petra Stepanova.

When the results of the analysis in Slovakia are compared to those in the Czech Republic, Slovak women prove to be more successful in this sense. Female representation in top management in Czech companies showed the worst results for the past five years. Women’s share in managerial positions in the Czech Republic was a mere 26.71 percent. These were mostly involved in the field of human resources (77 percent) and finance (47 percent).