ZSSK Management to Compensate Passengers Out of Own Pocket

Stock photo by TASR

Bratislava, September 19 (TASR) – Passengers who ended up stuck for more than five hours on trains without any lights or access to toilets in early September, following the tearing down of an overhead line close to Bratislava main station, will become beneficiaries of extraordinary compensation that goes beyond the scope of the transport regulations, TASR learnt on Wednesday.

The bill for this extraordinary compensation will be footed by the ZSSK management out of their own private pocket. “Hence, it won’t be financed by ZSSK resources,” ZSSK spokesman Tomas Kovac emphasised for TASR.

The company management opted for this redress despite the fact that it’s not yet clear whether the blame rests with the ZSR railway infrastructure owner or ZSSK passenger carrier – nor have the employees responsible been identified yet.

Kovac added that if it turns out that the ZSSK employees failed to observe proper procedures, they will be either fined or rebuked.

The spokesman also pointed out that during the accident ZSSK chose not to sacrifice passenger safety in the name of passenger comfort and there were clear orders not to allow the passengers to leave powerless trains brought to a standstill outside stations. “This was with an eye towards passenger safety and potential injury hazard by electric voltage,” he claimed.

On September 6, railway transport in Bratislava was interrupted after the overhead catenary was torn down and lines remained without power supply. Passengers complained about long train delays as well as the lack of any illumination on coaches.