Election24: Korcok Concedes Defeat, Congratulates Pellegrini on Victory

Election24: Korcok Concedes Defeat, Congratulates Pellegrini on Victory
Unsuccessful presidential candidate Ivan Korcok on the election night, April 7, 2024, photo by TASR

Bratislava, April 7 (TASR) - Ivan Korcok conceded his defeat in the run-off round of the presidential election on early Sunday.

Korcok is disappointed by the result, but respects it and has congratulated Peter Pellegrini on his victory.

"I'm leaving here disappointed, but not broken. I'd like to assure you of that. I wish Slovakia a president who will fulfil what's written in the Constitution, a president who will act independently, based on his own convictions and without taking orders from anyone," said Korcok.

According to Korcok, the results serve as evidence that in Slovakia elections can be won even with a non-transparent campaign. "But it can also be won by painting the opposite number - me, in particular - as the pro-war candidate. I will never forgive you this," he claimed.

A factor that has had an impact on this year's presidential election was also the spreading of fear, added Korcok, pointing out to fearmongering and the spreading of hatred during campaigning. Korcok plans to analyse mistakes of his campaign, but stands behind all stances he has articulated.

Korcok praised all voters who participated in the election, thanked those who voted for him and pointed out to the high turnout. In addition, he voiced his appreciation to political parties that supported him, to his election team and his family.

The election headquarters of Ivan Korcok is gradually emptying, with his supporters treating him to a long applause.